First International Workshop on

Reproducible Open Science

Hannover, Germany, 9th of September 2016

(Event funded by RDA Europe)


The topics of this workshop are of interest to, but not limited to, the following research avenues:
  • Classification (models and ontologies), description (e.g. metadata), identity management, of products of science different from the traditional article;
  • Representing, exchanging, sharing, assessing (peer-reviewing), depositing, preserving products different from the traditional article
  • Publishing workflows for products different from the traditional article, e.g. submission, review, scientific reward (e.g. software publishing, research data publishing)
  • Interlinking and contextualization or products: mining techniques, LOD, data models, relationships (citation, versioning) between research results, etc.
  • Findability of products of science: indexing, searching, browsing challenges
  • Controlled access to products of science (e.g. anonymization, role-driven views)
  • “Packaging research results”: identification, representation, description (metadata), deposition, preservation, evaluation, and interoperability of “research results packages” (e.g. Research Objects, Elsevier’s “article of the future”, executable papers, RMap)
  • Systems, tools, paradigms, publishing workflows towards favouring repetition (“same experiment, same laboratory”), replication (“same experiment, different laboratory”), reproduction (“same experiment, different input parameters”), or re-use of science (“use as parts of other experiments”).
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For any information you may need, please contact the organizers.