First International Workshop on

Reproducible Open Science

Hannover, Germany, 9th of September 2016

(Event funded by RDA Europe)

Program Committee

Ross Mounce
University of Cambridge, UK
Victoria Stodden
Stanford University, USA
Brian Matthews
Gianmaria Silvello
University of Padua, Italy
Amir Aryani
ANDS, Australia
Andreas Rauber
University of Wien, Austria
Idafen Santana
Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid, Spain
Rafael Ferreira da Silva
USC Information Sciences Institute
Peter Klas
GESIS, Germany
Michael Witt
Purdue University, USA
Leonardo Candela
Italian Research Council, Italy
Costantino Thanos
Italian Research Council, Italy
Sarah Callaghan
Brigitte Mathiak
GESIS, Germany
Petr Knoth
Open University, UK
Rosa Filgueira
University of Edinburgh
Brigitte Hausstein
GESIS, Germany
In conjunction with

For any information you may need, please contact the organizers.